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Thanks to ArbyMaster458 for him editing it

Hinata Admits Her Feelings

By: tetsigawind
Supported and fixed by: ArbyMaster458

Characters: Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Kiba, Teuchi

Surprised Guests: tetsigawind, ArbyMaster458

Naruto: I wonder if Hinata likes me?
I know i'll send her a note inviting her over!

*Naruto gets out a piece of paper and writes*



Please come over later on,

I want to ask you a question.


Naruto: There now to mail it!

*Naruto jumps off to mail the letter*

*Later On*

Naruto: Hinata should be over any minute

*Knock Knock*

*Naruto opens the door*

Naruto: Come on in Hinata. Hinata, sit down, I need to ask you a question.

Hinata: What is it Naruto?

Naruto: Hinata, do you like me? You can tell me the truth, no one is hearing except me and you.

Hinata: Okay Naruto, I do like you and I love you! I love everything about you from your spiky blond hair to your blue shoes! I Love how that orange outfit looks on you!

Naruto: Naruto come here

Naruto: What is it?

Hinata: This

*Hinata kisses Naruto deeply and Naruto does the same*

Hinata: Naruto, what about Sakura?

Naruto: Sakura? I only know that you're the only woman for me.

Hinata: Oh Naruto

*And the couple kissed as if the world around them had stopped moving*

Narrator: A Few Hours Later

Hinata: Naruto, are you hungry?

Naruto: Yeah, I'm hungry. Come on, lets go eat. Hold on Hinata, I want to give you something.

Hinata: What is it?

*Naruto unzips his jacket and gives it to Hinata*

Naruto: Here

*And Naruto helps Hinata put on his jacket*

Hinata: Naruto, you're letting me wear your jacket?!

Naruto: You can have it, I can get another.

Hinata: Thanks Naruto.

Naruto: Your welcome Hinata. My Love You looks good in Orange.

Hinata: Come on Lets go eat

Naruto: Yeah, lets go eat

Narrator (tetsigawind): In Town

Hinata: Naruto, what do you like about me?

Naruto: I Like your Smile and that you never give up. Hinata, if we were on a mission, just you and me, and I screwed something up, would you hit me???

Hinata: Naruto, of course not, I would never hit you, i love you too much to do that to you.

Naruto: Thanks.

Hinata: Why did you ask that?

Naruto: Because when me,Sakura,and Kiba were on a mission, I screwed something up and Sakura hit me on the head.

Hinata: Well from now on, when you go on a mission, I am going with you.

Naruto: Thanks, hey there's Sakura, lets hold hands and walk up to her.

Hinata: Okay.

Hinata: Hey Sakura

Sakura: Hey Naruto & Hinata. Hey Hinata, why're you wearing Naruto's jacket?

Hinata: Because we are together and we love each other. Hey Sakura.

Sakura: Yeah???

Hibata: If you ever hit my boyfriend again you will have to deal with me. He told me how you,him,and kiba were on a mission and he not intentionally screwed something up and you hit him on the head.

Sakura: Well he screwed something we worked hard to do.

Hinata: Well he's still human you know. And like I said before, you hit him again you'll be dealing with me, got it?

*Sakura gulps*

Sakura: Got it.

Hinata: Okay then, come on Naruto, lets go eat

*Naruto after being dazed by seeing how Hinata stood up for him snaps out of his daze*

Naruto: Okay.

Narrator: At The Noodle Shop.

Naruto: Hinata, did you really mean that?

Hinata: What?

Naruto: That if Sakura hits me again she's going to have to deal with you?

Hinata: Yep

Naruto: Hinata, tonight when we get back to my apartment I need to ask you a question.

Hinata: Okay

*Tetsigawind taps Naruto on Shoulder, ArbyMaster458 is also there waving at the couple.*

Naruto: Yes who are you guys?

tetsigawind:I'm tetsigawind and this is ArbyMaster458.

ArbyMaster458: Yo!

tetsigawind: Anyways, we're huge fans of yours and Hinata, we've always wanted you and Hinata together

Naruto: Thank You would you 2 like to join us for a bowl of ramen?

tetsigawind: of course

ArbyMaster458: Yay LUNCH!!!!!!

tetsigawind: Naruto can I ask u a question

Naruto: Sure

tetsigawind: Why do you wear orange

Naruto: don't know why i wear orange

tetsigawind: Oh ok

ArbyMaster458: Because the orange puts out the seriousness in him. It also represents his determinataion, and his sexiness, men are good in orange tights you know.

*Hinata, Naruto, and tetsigawind are speechless*


tetsigawind: Well, thanks for the 101 lesson Arby.

ArbyMaster458: Your welcome. Btw, I have some questions for Hinata.

Hinata: What is it?

ArbyMaster458: Why do you have such nice breasts, and do you think that...

*tetsigawind smacks Arby*

ArbyMaster458: What was that for!? T_T

tetsigawind: For being inappropriate You BAKA!!!!!!! Not only that, Hinata is embarrased, and Naruto is fantasizing for God's Sakes!!!

ArbyMaster458: Oh......I have nothing to say.

tetsigawind: Why do I even hang out with you?!

ArbyMaster458: Because I'm a lost tortured soul longing for a friend to hang out with.

tetsigawind:.......Oh, well I guess that was a good reason.

Naruto: Let's just order.

tetsigawind: Okay

Teuchi: So what will it be?

Naruto: Miso pork ramen please.

Hinata: I'll have the Diet ramen

tetsigawind: Same here.

ArbyMaster458: I'll have chicken wings, sausage pizza, a large steaming plate of corn dogs, A giant burger, onion sings, mussel, french fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, and beef ramen!!!!

*Teuchi, Naruto, Hinata, and tetsigawind are wide-mouthed*

tetsigawind: How can you afford anything like that!

ArbyMaster458: I'm paying for the meals!

Naruto: How?!

*ArbyMaster458 pulls out a gigantic wallet the size of the World Trade Center, it looks small in the outside, bug really huge on the inside.

Anyways, he takes out $2,000.00*

*Teuchi, Naruto, Hinata, and tetsigawind are wide-mouthed, again*


ArbyMaster458: You know.

tetsigawind: Umm no we don't.

ArbyMaster458: O___O Oh well, let's dig in!!! Btw Old man, you can keep the change.

Teuchi: Oh err, okay then. Have fun with you're meals!

Later on

tetsigawind: Thanks for the ramen, and all that other stuff

Naruto: Your welcome

tetsigawind: well we'll see you guys later

Naruto and Hinata: Bye

tetsigawind: Bye and Naruto don't be a jerk to Hinata or I'll come back and kick your butt

Naruto: ok

ArbyMaster458: Btw Hinata any chance you can send me a nude pic of you??

Hinata: *covers her breasts* NOOOO!

ArbyMaster458: Dang!

tetsigawind: Come on Arby let's go!

ArbyMaster458: Okay T__T

*Later on*

Naruto: Its so fun hanging out with you Hinata!

Hinata: Thanks Naruto! And those 2 people we met earlier, they were really nice,

Naruto: They sure were, except for that one guy, who wast it again???

Hinata: I think it was ArbyMaster458?

Naruto: Is the reason why that's his name because of the Halo series?

Hinata: Yeah I guess so. You know Naruto, I've played Halo 3

Naruto: Really, how was it?

Hinata: I'm the top Halo 3 player in the world, never been killed before.

Naruto: Cool, so what's your favorite weapon and armor and stuff?

Hinata: My gamertag is LavenderAssassin106,The shotgun is my favorite, I love Hayabusa, my armor color is lavender and blue, my symbol is a Spartan, I'm a 5 Star General, I've won 108 slayer matches, 72 team slayers, 25 Capture the Flags, and other stuff.

Naruto: O___O really!?

Hinata: True Story

Naruto: Wow. Well, at least Arby is not here.

ArbyMaster458: Hey there guys!

Naruto & Hinata: WTF!!!!What're you doing here!

tetsigawind: There you are Arby, let's go!!!!!

ArbyMaster458: NOOOOOOOOO! EPIC FAIL! *sob*

tetsigawind: Come on, let's go play Halo 3.

*tetsigawind drags ArbyMaster458 of the story. ArbyMaster458 is still sobbing*

*Teuchi arrives with the ramen*

Teuchi: What was that all about????

Naruto and Hinata: o___o Nothing.

Teuchi: Alright then, dig in.

Narrator: Later On At the Apartment

Naruto: Hinata, I have a question to ask you?

Hinata: What is it??

Naruto: Hinata, will you marry me?

*The audience is shocked, even Hinata, ArbyMaster458 and tetsigawind*

Hinata: Naruto, of course I'll marry you.

Naruto: Come on

Hinata: Okay

*Outside of the story*

ArbyMaster458: Naruto sure is taking this relationship to a whole new level really quick huh?

tetsigawind: Mhmmm

ArbyMaster458: Say tets?

tetsigawind: What???

ArbyMaster458: Do you think I can, you know, do the rest of the narrating??

*tetsigawind is thinkin*

tetsigawind:..........okay, but only if you don't screw it up. And if you do a good job, I'l buy you XBOX 360 games on me.

*ArbyMaster458 thinks about it*


tetsigawind: And remember, don't screw up!

ArbyMaster458: Okay.

Narrator(ArbyMaster458): Meanwhile at the Jewelry Shop

Naruto: What Kind of Ring do you want Hinata?

Hinata: Well, I would want one that has a diamond imbedded on it.

Naruto: Okay what about this one.

*Naruto shows hinata a ring with a diamond in it*

Hinata: Perfect!

Naruto: Okay we can get this one.

Narrator: Later on at the apartment

Naruto: Hinata, how long have you loved me?

Hinata: Well I have loved you ever since I met you.

Naruto: Thanks. Hinata, this is now our Apartment

*Outside of the story*

tetsigawind & ArbyMaster458:........whoa

ArbyMaster458: Smooth move Naruto.

*Back to story*

Hinata: Really?

Naruto: Yeah, I mean since we're going to be married, everything is ours.

Hinata: Why didn't you and Sakura work out?

Naruto: Well first of all, she is too mean to me, and second, she only likes Sasuke.

Hinata: Oh well, her loss is my gain

ArbyMaster458: Note to self, Sakura doesn't know how good of a guy Naruto is.

Naruto: Yep. I love You Hinata.

Hinata: I love you too Naruto, and I love it when you say that.

Naruto: Thanks

Naruto: Hinata, you said that you loved my outfit right?

Hinata: Yeah I love your outfit.

Naruto: Well would you like a copy of my outfit? I mean you already have the jacket and it looks great on you

Hinata: Thanks, I wonder what I would look like in one of your outfits.

Naruto: Well if you want, you can try one on now.

Hinata: Okay, just don't go any anywhere my Naruto.

Naruto: I won't

ArbyMaster458: Way to go dude.

tetsigawind: Arby shhh

ArbyMaster458: Okay.

Narrator: Ten Minutes Later.....

Hinata: Naruto what do you think?

Narrator: Naruto couldn't believe his eyes, Hinata looked wonderful in his outfit!

ArbyMaster458:.........and sexy

tetsigawind: Arby!!!!!! One more time and no XBOX 360 games for you!!!

*ArbyMaster458 pisses his pants*


*Arby quickly changes his pants in time for the story*

Naruto: Hinata You Look Amazing

Hinata: Thanks My Naruto.

Naruto: Your Welcome My Hinata.

Naruto: So what do you think?

Hinata: I Love it!

Naruto: Then you can have it!

Hinata: Thanks. Say Naruto, if its okay with you, I want wear this from now on alright?

Naruto: Okay, I just have to get some more outfits. Hey Hinata?

Hinata: Yes?

Naruto: I Think Rock Lee likes Sakura, what do you think?

Hinata: I think the same way because every time Rock Lee sees Sakura, he just goes all lovey dovey and stuff.

Naruto: Like you do

Hinata: I do not

Naruto: Do too

Hinata: We make great couple right

Naruto: Yeah we do

Hinata: Naruto, are you still going to be Hokage???

Naruto: Yeah. You know, my outfit never look better on anyone, well except you, you look great in it.

Hinata: Thanks Naruto.

Naruto: Hey, how would you like to play a trick on Rock Lee?

Hinata: What kind of trick

Naruto: Well I was thinking that we should take Sakura over to Rock Lee's house and she spends the night there, and we help Rock Lee tell Sakura

how he feels?

Hinata: That's a good idea.

Naruto: All this planning is making me hungry, you want something to eat?

Hinata: Yeah, let's go get ramen.

Naruto: You read my mind, now this is why we're a good couple. Are you going to wear your new outfit?

Hinata: Yeah, I like it.

Naruto: Then come on, lets go eat

In Town Again

*ArbyMaster458 groans, tetsigawind groans too*

Naruto: That orange really works for you. Those dark clothes you wear, they take away your beauty.

Hinata: Naruto, hey there's Kiba, hey Kiba!

Kiba: Hey is there 2 Naruto's, or is my vision going blurry? Hey Hinata, why're you wearing Naruto's outfit?

Hinata: Because he gave it to me and we're going out

Kiba: Well well well Naruto, you finally got together with Hinata. Well, I hope you too are happy together.

Hinata: Thanks Kiba.

Naruto: Kiba?

Kiba: Huh, yeah Naruto?

Naruto: Well I was wondering if you would like to come to the wedding?

Kiba: I would love to naruto

Naruto: Thanks kiba

Hinata: Naruto where is my Naruto?

Naruto: Right here my Hinata.

Hinata: Come on Naruto I'm tired, let's go home.

Naruto: Alright bye Kiba

Kiba Bye Naruto and Hinata.

tetsigawind & ArbyMaster458: And so the couple went back to they're apartment, where they rested for days to come.


tetsigawind: Well Arby, I guess you weren't that bad at telling the story at all.

ArbyMaster458: Does that mean I did a good job and we can go shoppin for games?

tetsigawind: Uhhhhhh yeah.


tetsigawind: Let's go then.

ArbyMaster458: K

*tetsigawind and ArbyMaster458 exit the room to go to GameStop, and etc.*
Hinata adimits to Naruto her fellings for Naruto thanks to Arbymaster458 for his help [link]
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