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*The story begins with Jaden walking around just thinking and being Jaden*

Alexis: Hey Jaden.

Jaden: Oh hey Alexis, how are you?

Alexis: I'm good. Listen, could you come by my room later? I wanna talk bout something"

Jaden: Okay.

Alexis: Okay see you there.

Jaden: I wonder what she wants to talk bout, I guess I'll find out later.

Later at the Obelisk Blue Dorm.....

*Knock Knock*

Alexis: Who is it?

Jaden: Its Jaden.

Alexis: Oh Come on in Jaden.

Jaden: Okay.

*Jaden enters*

Jaden: Hey Alexis how are you?

Alexis:I'm fine, could you sit down on the bed? I wanna talk to u for a second.

Jaden: Sure Alexis.

*Jaden sits on her bed*

Jaden: Where're all the girls at? I didn't see any when I came in.

Alexis: They all went to the mall, I didn't wanna go so I stayed here.

Jaden: Oh okay, so what's the thing you wanted to talk to me about?

Alexis: Oh well rumors around school that you like to wear girls outfits.

Jaden: That's Ridiculous Alexis!

Jaden's Mind: Oh no she found out my secret, now she's going to think I'm weird or something, or maybe even a homo. Damn Arby, made me wear it as a bet.


ArbyMaster458: I won the duel dude, now you gotta wear a girls outfit....for the whoooooole day.

Jaden: Seriously!?

ArbyMaster458: Yep, now go to the dressing room and put it on.


*Jaden comes out dress in an Obelisk Blue girls outfit*


Jaden: Okay can't believe I'm saying this but this outfit is comfortable.

ArbyMaster458:......Okay another thing.

Jaden: What is it?

ArbyMaster458: Stay many 50 feet away from me.

Jaden: For how long?

ArbyMaster458: 2-3 weeks.

Jaden: Seriously!?

ArbyMaster458: You creep me out dude. Now if you'll excuse me, my Ra Yellow Dorm is serving steak today so see ya later.

Jaden: Can I come?

ArbyMaster458: Okay.....but after that stay away from me. Just because you're my homie.

Jaden: Cool.

Flashback ends

Alexis: I'm sorry that you feel that way Jaden, cause if it was true, I would do your makeup, and would you like hair like mine Jaden if you said yes?

Jaden: Yeah I would but I have brown eyes, blonde wont work with me.

Alexis: They make blue contacts and I can put them in.

Jaden: Oh okay.

Alexis: And I would paint your nails and everything, and I would put on one of my outfits on you and make you the most beautiful girl on campus next to me.

Jaden: Really?

Jaden's Mind: She would do all that for me? I guess I can tell her.

Jaden: Alexis there two things I need to say.

Alexis: What are they Jaden?

Jaden: One, I've been reading in a couple of books and found out that Fiance means to me married.

Alexis: So you figured it out.

Jaden: Yep and the other thing is that I love you Alexis Rhodes. When I first saw you I fell in love with you.

Alexis: Jaden Yuki I feel the same way.

*Comes closer*

Alexis: That's why I defeated Blair, I wanted you and only you.

Jaden: Alexis.

Alexis: Yeah Jaden?

Jaden: Those rumors are true, I do like to wear girls clothes, it started like this.

*Jaden tells Alexis about how Arby defeated Jaden in a duel and the bet, and how he was supposed to stay away from him for 2-3 weeks*

Alexis: Arby huh.....well I guess he won't mind

*Starts to unbutton Jaden's pants*

Jaden: What are you doing Alexis?

Alexis: I'm holding up what I said earlier now strip to your birthday suit.

Jaden: Ummmmmm Okay Alexis.

*Jaden strips to his birthday suit*

Alexis: Beautiful Jaden, just beautiful.

Jaden: *blushes* Thanks Alexis.

Alexis: Your welcome Jaden.

*Alexis gets a pair of pink panties and puts them on Jaden*

Alexis: How do they feel Jaden?


Alexis: Good, let me fix something.

*Alexis grabs Jaden's dick and makes it point straight*

Jaden: Why did you do that Alexis?

Alexis: For later.

Jaden: Oh okay.

*Mr. Furley(Family Guy) comes in to check up on Alexis*

Mr. Furley: Alexis!?

Alexis: OH MR FURLEY!!...I was's not what it looks like.


*Mr. Furley leaves*

Alexis: Okay that was random....well continuing on.

*Alexis goes and gets a pink bra and puts it on him*

Alexis: Sit down on this chair Jaden.

Jaden: Okay Alexis.

*Jaden sits down. Alexis puts red lipstick on Jaden's lips and some red eyeliner and some blue mascara on him*

Jaden: How do I look Alexis?

Alexis: You look great Jaden.

*Alexis goes and gets a pair of her blue diamond ear rings and puts them on each of Jaden's ears*

Jaden: Do I look better?

Alexis You look great Jaden.

*Alexis gets Obelisk Blue nail polish with gilter and does Jaden's nails and puts in white letters J&A on both nails and toes and she goes and gets a copy of her Obelisk Blue outfit*

Alexis: Stand up Jaden.

Jaden: Okay Alexis.

*Jaden stands up. Alexis takes both Jaden's arms and fits it through the arm holes*

Alexis: Lift one leg up.

Jaden: Okay

*Jaden lifts one leg up and lets Alexis slide a part of her skirt on him*

Alexis: Now lift the other leg up Jaden.

*Jaden lifts the other leg up so Alexis could slide the skirt onto him*

Alexis: Now can you please sit on the bed so I can put the socks and shoes on you?

*Jaden sits on the bed while Alexis slides the white socks and the the blue shoes on to him and ties them*

Jaden: Are we done Alexis?

Alexis: Nearly, I have to do your hair and eyes.

Jaden: Okay.

Alexis: Are you sure you want me to do your hair blonde like mine?

Jaden: Yep, that way we will match. I've always loved your hair the way it shines in the sun and everything.

Alexis: Jaden that is beautiful.

*Alexis kisses Jaden on the cheek. Jaden kisses her back*

Alexis: Okay close your eyes Jaden.

*Jaden closes his eyes. Alexis starts to dye Jaden's hair blonde and add a surprise to it*

1 hour later.......

Alexis: Okay Jaden you can open your eyes now.

*Jaden opens his eyes and looks into a mirror at his new hair*

Alexis: So do you like it Jaden?

Jaden: I do but my hair wasn't this long?

Alexis: I know, I added some hair extensions to your hair, do you like them?

Jaden: Yeah I do, thanks Alexis.

Alexis: Your welcome Jaden. Now let me fix your eyes

*Alexis gets the Blue contacts*

Alexis: Now don't blink until I tell you to do so.

Jaden: Okay Alexis.

*Alexis carefully puts the blue contacts on Jaden*

Alexis: Now you can blink Jaden.

Jaden: Okay.

*Jaden blinks*

Jaden: Ummmmm Alexis, I just noticed this but I look 95 like you.

Alexis: What you don't wanna look like me?

*Alexis starts to frown*

Jaden: I do I do don't cry but the problem is I don't have any breasts.

Alexis: Oh I can fix that.

*Alexis goes and gets a pair of fake breasts that match her size*

Alexis: Raise your top up.

*Jaden raises his top up. Alexis then glues the breasts on Jaden's chest*

Alexis: There, now look in the mirror Jaden.

*Jaden looks in the mirror and there stood a perfectly replicated Alexis Rhodes*

Alexis: Well do you like it Jaden?

Jaden: I do.

Alexis: Well Jaden since you don't look like a boy anymore how bout a name change.

Jaden: What name do you have in mind?

*Alexis thinks for a second*

Alexis: How bout Judai Rhodes?

Jaden: Why that name?

Alexis: Cause secretly I called you that in my dreams and that names fits you and the Rhodes part cause we are fiances"

Jaden: But the girl has to take the boys name.

Alexis: Not this time, so you like it Judai?

Jaden: Yeah your right, it does sound good.

Alexis: You know, I was thinking you could move in here with the rest of the girls. They will love you, you are so beautiful.

Jaden: Really?

Alexis: Yeah you are and don't worry, I made it so you can walk around like that.

Jaden: How did you do that?

Alexis: I just use a Mind Alteration Magic Trick.

Jaden: Oh okay.

Alexis: Sooooo......are you a virgin?

*Jaden is surprised Alexis asked that*

Alexis: Don't worry I am too. Do you love me?

Jaden: I do.

Alexis: Would you like me to take you?

*Jaden is speechless*

Alexis: I'll take that as a yes.

*Alexis scoops up Judai and carries him/her to her bed and then Alexis gets on bed and looks Judai in the eyes*

Alexis: I love you Judai"

*They kiss and Alexis kisses Judai's neck and then throat. Alexis then removes all of her clothes and helps Judai with his/her's*

Jaden: Alexis, it my first time so-

Alexis kisses Judai and after that they part

Alexis: Please be Gentle, I know, it's my first time too, so we'll both learn what makes the other feel good.

*This statement causes Judai to blush. Alexis then gets off of the bed. Then Judai lays down on it*

Alexis: I want you on top for this time. Later on we will try other things.

Judai: Whatever makes you happy.

*She positions herself*

Jaden: This is going to hurt you...

*As Judai's voice cracked slightly at the word "hurt" as Alexis instinctively knew what he was talking about and enjoyed the feeling that knowing that hurting her meant more to Jaden than his own please made Alexis feel euphoric and slightly lightheaded.

With a smile on her lips, Alexis answered-

Alexis: I don't care, Judai I love you.

Judai smiles and said-

Jaden: I love you too.

*Jaden then puts his dick into her pussy and starts going up and down. Then he notices tears coming out of Alexis eyes. Judai stops moving*

Jaden: Alexis I know you don't care that it hurts but do you want me to stop?

*Alexis wraps her arms around Judai's back and pull him down making his whole dick go inside of her.

Alexis: Don't even think about it.

*Judai starts going up and down again*

Alexis: You are not hurting me, Judai. It feels so good. I want it harder.

*Judai goes harder and their moans and groans increase as they continue making love for a good 20 minutes and the speed is now very fast. They felt their orgasms building up and soon, Alexis's pussy squeezes Judai's dick so hard that the pleasure became unbearable. When Alexis reaches her peak, her pussy explodes with her love juices, moaning in pleasure. When Alexis's pussy clamps onto Judai's dick and his load busts uncontrollably in her waiting womb*


Judai's dick is still in Alexis's pussy, Alexis then says-

Alexis: I think we need to get up and clean up.

Jaden: Yeah I think so too. We should do it quick before-

*Arby then comes in the room*

ArbyMaster548: Hey Alexis guess what I'm an official Obelisk B-.....JADEN!?

Jaden: Ohhhh.....Arby....Uhhhh its not what it looks like.


*Arby leaves*

Alexis:....Come on lets clean up Judai

Jaden: Okay Alexis.

Alexis: So I guess you like me calling you Judai.

Jaden: Yeah I do, and I like calling you Alexis. If you don't want me to change back I wont, I'll stay as Judai Rhodes for the rest of my life.

Alexis: Thank you Judai.

Jaden: Your welcome Alexis.

*The 2 clean up the room. Suddenly they hear the voices of Blair and others*

Alexis: Judai go hide in the closet, I want the new you to be a surprise.

*Judai goes and hides in the closet. Blair and others come in*

Blair: Hey Alexis

Alexis: Hey Blair how are you?

Blair: I'm fine Alexis how are you?

Alexis: I'm Great by the way we have a new member to our dorm?

Blair: Who is it Alexis?

Alexis: Judai come on in here.

*Judai enters*

Alexis: Everyone this is Judai Rhodes, does anyone recognize her?

Everyone: No not really.

Alexis: Judai say hello to everyone.

Jaden: Hi everyone.

Everyone(Shocked): Jaden is that you?

Jaden: You mean Judai and yes this is me.

Blair: Why did you do that?

Jaden: Cause Alexis found out my deep dark secret that I like to dress like a girl.

Blair: So its like a punishment.

Jaden: No not at all I love it and I love Alexis.

Blair: Alexis did you tell him what Fiance means?

Alexis: No he figure it out on his own.

Blair: Oh Okay. I have to say you look beautiful Judai"

Jaden: Thank you Blair.

Blair: Your welcome Judai, so you are finally together, I can't wait until I tell everyone.

Alexis: They already know it was a rumor that brought Judai to me. Judai was locked inside Jaden and I just helped Judai free.

Blair: Alexis why did you dress Judai like you?

Alexis: Because she loves me and wanted to be my twin, right Judai?

Jaden: Yep.

Blair: Well welcome to the Obelisk Blue dorm Judai and by the look on Alexis's face she already gave you her welcoming gift.

*They Both Blush*

Alexis and Jaden: Yep.

Blair: So I can assume that you will stay in this room with Alexis and sleep with her in her bed right?

Judai and Alexis: Yep.

Blair: That's good to know.

Jaden: Alexis I have something for you but its in my old dorm along with my cards and my duel disk.

Alexis: Judai I'll go get it.

Jaden: Okay.

Alexis: I'll be right back, Blair you can talk to our new member and my to be husband.

Blair: Alright.

*Alexis leaves*

Blair: Judai you look very beautiful.

Jaden: Thank You Blair, you look beautiful too.

Blair: Your welcome, so how is it being a girl?

Jaden: Its okay, I'm more pretty and I see why you girls like the skirts cause they breathe better than the pants.

Blair: They do.

*Alexis comes back*

Alexis: Hey Judai I got your cards and the duel disk and the special something.

Jaden: Please hand the special something here Alexis.

Alexis: Okay.

*Alexis hands Judai the special something*

*Judai gets on bended knee stance*

Jaden: Alexis since I didn't get to ask you the first time, Alexis Rhodes will you marry me?

Alexis: Yes I will marry you Judai!

Jaden: Yeah!

*Judai flashes his signature move and opens the box and places blue ring on Alexis's finger*

Jaden: How do you like your wedding ring I got you?

Alexis: Judai its beautiful.

Judai: Like you.

*Alexis blushes*

Jaden: I love you Alexis Rhodes.

Alexis: And I Love you Judai Rhodes.

*And for the rest of his time at Dual Academy he was Judai Rhodes and stay liked liked that for the rest of his life and he nor Alexis mind. As for Arby, he graduated Duel Academy very early and went back to The Skitzo League and decided to never go to Duel Academy ever again and to stay as far away from Judai as possible due to his change to a girl, though he does attend Alexis and Judai's wedding in the future with the other Skitzo's. As for Mr. Furley, it is unknown.
Jaden and Alexis

alexis finds out bout Judai and dresses Jaden up
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schumacher7 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Nice story. :-)

I did not expect Alexis to grab jadens balls like, but I loved it how you spoofed that scene from Family Guy. :-)
tetsigawind Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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You are very welcome :)
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Maybe. What about life of Jaden and Alexis after they get married? Eg honeymoon or entering parenthood?
tetsigawind Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Sure. I'll think of something :) Then I'll let you know
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sure i would love too but how about after june 19 cause right now i have exams.
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