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The Skitzo League Search Engine

By: tetsigawind

Everyone is in tets's basement talking about various stuff but they see they're leader, founder, and devoted friend tets working hard over his laptop. He was slouched over his laptop with his eyes glued to the screen and his fingers were typing a lot.

Reo Speedwagon: I wonder what he is doing?

slash12: I don't know Reos. Arby, you've known tets the longest, you go ask him what's going on.

ArbyMaster458: Okay.

*Arby walks over to tets*

ArbyMaster458: Hey tets.

No answer. Pissed off that tets is not responding, Arby gets out his voice enhancer and says...

Arby: Hey tets!

tetsigawind: Oh Hey Arby, how are you?

ArbyMaster458: I'm okay. We were all just wondering what you were doing over here.

tetsigawind: It's a secret Arby. Let's just say it will get us noticed as a group.

ArbyMaster458: Oh, okay. I'll leave you to your work.

*Arby walks back over to the group*

slash12: So what is he doing Arby?

ArbyMaster458: He is doing something for the League. I guess we all have to wait till he is done working on it.

slash12: Yeah I guess we will have to wait.

A couple of hours later....

tetsigawind: Finally I'm done! Hey everyone come here!

*Everyone crowds around tets*

tetsigawind: Now I bet everyone is wondering what I've been doing.

Patty: Yeah we have been waiting for 2 hours.

tetsigawind: Well look! I've created a search page on Google and Yahoo with our name on! Take a look!

*tets opens up the page to Google*

tetsigawind: See, what do you think?

Everyone: Awesome!

ArbyMaster458: It really is cool test, thanks a million for doing this.

tetsigawind: Now I'll be on the couch.

*tets goes and sits on the couch. Everyone starts to play with their search engine. A couple of minutes later everyone starts to hear snoring*

ArbyMaster458: Who's snoring?

*Arby looks over and sees his best friend pass out on the couch asleep.

ArbyMaster458: Shh everybody.

Everyone: Why?

ArbyMaster458: tets is asleep.

Everyone: Ohhhh.

ArbyMaster458: He must have been up all night working on the Search Engine. That's our tets.

*Everyone goes over and puts the blanket over tets and a pillow below his head*

Patty: Night tets, sweet dreams.

*Everyone goes back to play with their new toy, they're search engine made by tetsigawind*
This is a story i made and ArbyMaster458 edited Its a story that we have our own search engine
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April 2, 2010
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