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The Skitzo League Three-Part Lost Episode: The Accident

Note: This happened between Episode 10 & 11. Reason they didn't use they're powers in episodes 11-13 is because they want to keep it a secret. That and the newest members are here.

*As usual Arby and Slash would fight each other to see who is superior. So far, Arby is a point ahead. Arby and Slash were both master's of all the fighting skills and styles on Earth. Arby however, learned alien fighting skills from his short trip with Commander Shepard so Arby had the advantage. Arby and Slash's battle was so intense that they moved into the basement while fighting. The crazy part, the rest of the group is down there*

tetsigawind: Whoa guys, you two should stop.

slash12: Not until I kick his ass!

mattwilson83: Oh boy. Look Slash, you're my roommate so I suggest you do what he says or else something bad will happen.

MissMokkorina: Wow, this is getting out of hand.

slash12: Stop dodging!

ArbyMaster458: No way hozay!

*Slash corners Arby and is about to punch him until Arby ducks, hitting a machine instead*


Everyone: What happens if it is damaged!?

ArbyMaster458: Duh, of course it will explode.

Everyone: THEN STOP IT!

ArbyMaster458: What!? With energy levels like this, I can't fix it.

nusu-uchida: FIND SOME COVER!

*Everyone get's into cover*


*The reactor stops*


Broshang:....At least it didn't ex-

The reactor explodes, engulfing the room with strange energies and light. An hour later...

Shade-117: Hey wake up. Arby wake up!

ArbyMaster458: Wha???? Oh Shade what's up dude? Wait, what happened?

Shade-117: Well uh after the reactor exploded, all of you were knocked out for an hour. I was the only one not knocked out of course.

ArbyMaster458: So were there any damages?

Shade-117: No the basement is in tact, but there were some changes to all of you're DNA's.

ArbyMaster458: Why wasn't you're DNA affected?

Shade-117: This armor protects me from any energies.

ArbyMaster458: Ohhhhh....

Shade-117: Anyways, you're friends are outside but they are different. Even you're different.

ArbyMaster458: WHat do you mean by that?

Shade-117:......All of you have superpowers.

ArbyMaster458:.........HELL YEAH!

Shade-117: You're not freaking out?

ArbyMaster458: Of course not, I've always wanted some kinds of powers. What powers do I have?

*Shade scans Arby*

Shade-117: Based on the tests, you have Amazing Invulnerability, meaning that nothing can penetrate your skin.

ArbyMaster458: Like Luke Cage?

Shade-117:....Yeah. Anyways, you're Strength is that of 3 Chuck Norris's, meaning that you are really strong.You can run faster than a locomotive. The accident has also given you Medium Agility, Great Stamina, Extraordinary Jumping abilities, allowing you to be able to leap up to a skyscraper in a single bound, and you're able to heal 10 times faster than a normal human. That and the radiation has also increase you're intelligence drastically.

ArbyMaster458:.....Awesome. So what are the powers of the members?

Shade-117: Well....

One huge talk later....

Shade-117: And that's probably it.

ArbyMaster458: Wow that's a lot of powers.

Shade-117: Tell me about it. So what kinds of energy was in that reactor?

ArbyMaster458: Oh the usual. Lightning Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Cosmic Energy, Radiation, and Magic.

Shade-117: You put all that in a reactor.

ArbyMaster458: Yeah and if it were to be put together it will make a new, limitless energy source that may explode if tampered with. So I had it trapped in this reactor so it's powerful energies don't escape, well that is until Slash punched a hole in the reactor. Still can't believe Slash has powers like Wolverine.

Shade-117: Not to mention teleportation. Did I forget to tell you Abigail wasn't here so she didn't get any superpowers at all.

ArbyMaster458: She's missing out. By the way where's tets?

In the skies of Mexico....

tetsigawind: ALRIGHT!!! This is way too cool.

*tets flies past 2 jets*

Jet pilot:.....I'm gonna pretend that I didn't see that.

*tets flies back to his house*

tetsigawind: Wow. I can get used to this.

*tets sees Slash carrying Sheila*

tetsigawind: Slash what're you doing with Arby's car?

slash12: Just giving it a makeover.

*Slash throws Sheila, jumps to the sky, and slices Sheila into many pieces with his bone claws(He doesn't get his adamantium-laced skeleton yet). Sheila explodes*

tetsigawind: WHAT THE HELL SLASH!

Reo Speedwagon: YOU KILLED ARBY'S CAR!

slash12: What are you girls gonna do about it?

*Reos does a sonic scream, sending Slash 2 blocks away. Arby then comes out*

ArbyMaster458: What just hap-.....SHEILA! Who destroyed my car!?

tetsigawind: Slash overkilled it.

*That night, everyone attends Sheila's funeral*

slash12: This is retarded, we're attending a car's funeral.

*Hinata knocks Slash on the head*

slash12: What the hell Hinata!?

Hinata: That was mean at what you did.

Deadpool: Yeah. And besides, it was an awesome car.

Shade-117: Not to mention that it was fast.

MissMokkorina: Worst crime you ever did Slash.

slash12: Oh you can all go suck a knob.

ArbyMaster458: Anyone wanna say any last words before we bury her remains?

tetsigawind: Sheila was shiny.

*Everyone buries Sheila's remains*


tetsigawind: Now that we are done burying Arby's car, let's get back to the basics.

ArbyMaster458: Right, well as you all know...we have superpowers. Luckily for us, it's not life-threatening. So I've given the liberty of making us all Armors, Suits, and Costumes for us to fight crime.

Broshang: Wait, fight crime, are you yanking our chains?

ArbyMaster458: Does The Joker always smile?

Broshang: Ohhhhh.....

ArbyMaster458: Anyways since we have these powers, we have to use them for justice, not for by any means of doing bad. Ain't that right Car Killer?

slash12: You're still mad about that?

ArbyMaster458: Well you killed my car, not cool bro.

slash12: Whatever.

tetsigawind: Let's try them on.

ArbyMaster458: But first, let's lace Slash's skeleton with Adamantium.

Slash12: Adawhat?

*Everyone carries Slash to the basement where they put him on a table where Shade straps Slash in place. Arby then proceeds with the adamantium bonding procedure, causing Slash to yell a lot like a baby. After that, the bonding process is complete*

Broshang: How do you feel?

slash12: My whole body hurts.

ArbyMaster458: Alright now we put on our cool stuff.

*The group put on they're superhero suits*

MissMokkorina: Wow, I

FeudalPrincess: I have to agree, Arby makes some great stuff. But do we really need weapons?

slash12: If you have any trouble fighting I'll be glad to help.

*FP punches him*

slash12: OW!

FeudalPrincess: I can handle myself thank you very much.

NaruHina2010: So where's Arby?

*Arby comes out in his Section 8 armor. Everyone is REALLY surprised*

tetsigawind: Looking good Arby.

slash12: What? So he get's a cool armor!?

tetsigawind: He gave me cool armor, hell he gave you a similar Wolverine costume, and you liked it.

slash12: Can't argue with that.

ArbyMaster458: Alright remember guys, we must conceal our identities to make sure nothing bad happens, that and if our identities were known then you all know what will happen.

slash12: Well since we're all done with the costumes and we have superpowers, how about another round Arby?

ArbyMaster458: Okay 1,2,3 BAM!

*Arby pulls out a magnet glove, and levitates Slash into the air*

slash12: Hey no fair!

ArbyMaster458: Life's not fair Slash.

*Arby then throws Slash*

ArbyMaster458: I win. And now I'm gonna go on patrol.

tetsigawind: Without a car?

ArbyMaster458: No, luckily for me, I've been working on another car.

tetsigawind: Another car?

ArbyMaster458: Follow me.

*Arby takes the whole group to the garage, where there is a car covered by a large blanket.*

ArbyMaster458: Feast you're eyes on this baby!

*Arby opens the covers to reveal a Bronze Orange, Chrome Blue, and Black Lotus Evora. Evryone is in awe*

tetsigawind: You built a car!?

ArbyMaster458: Yep, named her Charlotte, but this car is different from Sheila. This car has weapons.

*Arby gives the group a tour around Charlotte*

ArbyMaster458: This baby is capable of anything. And I mean ANYTHING.

nusu-uchida: What sorts of anythings are there?

Arbymaster458: Glad to answer that Patty. This baby is upgraded with a lot of my invention. and that includes 2 mounted laser guns, a mine dropper, a special speed formula I made called Nitrox-X.

Reo Speedwagon: What's Nitrox-X?

ArbyMaster458: It's a special formula I made to give his car the ability to go faster than the speed of sound. This car also comes with Missiles, Overshields, a Camouflage and Stealth System, an EMP Grenade Launcher, a built-in M-920 Cain.

slash12: What's an M-920 Cain?

ArbyMaster458: A Nuke Launcher.

FeudalPrincess: You had a Nuke Launcher built in a car!?

ArbyMaster458: Hell yeah. Continuing on, it has a Universal Navigation Device, Barge, Bolt, Shunt, a Miniature Mass Effect Core, an immensely powerful Thanix Cannon, a flight and submersible form, these sweet leather seats, and a cup holder.

slash12: Why a cup holder?

Everyone except slash12: BECAUSE CUP HOLDERS ARE COOL!

ArbyMaster458: I can also store his A.I. Jeeves in my car. And this also comes with my own computer.

tetsigawind: Wow, can we take this baby out for a spin?

ArbyMaster458: Hell yeah!

*Arby puts on his Section 8 helmet and gets in his car. tets rides shotgun, Patty, FP, Mokko, and Reos ride in back. Arby starts the car and it goes goddamn fast out of the garage*

slash12:.....Dammit Arby, you and your car.

In the city...

tetsigawind: THIS CAR IS FUCKING AWESOME! I mean though Mokko, FP, Patty and I can fly, this car is also good transportation.

ArbyMaster458: I still can't believe Patty is a magic user now.

nusu-uchida: It's new to me too. I'm still getting used to using magic.

ArbyMaster458: And I'm getting used to this car. It's the first time driving it so-

*Something beeps in Arby's car*

MissMokkorina: What was that Arby?

ArbyMaster458: It's the Universal Alarm. Looks like there's trouble in the Feudal Era.


*Arby pushes a button*

ArbyMaster458: Everyone get ready, I'm gonna transport all of us to the Feudal Era.

*With one button, Arby transports The Skitzo League to the Feudal Era*

Next Episode: The Skitzo League Three-Part Lost Episode: Madness in the Feudal Era
This a lost epsoide of the skitzo league
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