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tets's greatest story

by: tetsigawind

*The boys were at home doing they're leisure time. Arby was playing Metal Gear Solid 4, and Slash was fast asleep in a chair, Reos was listening to music and the rest went out shopping*

tetsigawind: Hey guys, now that we have some peace and quiet, wanna hear a story? I know Arby wants to hear this story.

ArbyMaster458: what story is that?

tetsigawind: It's the story of how Patty and I met.

Arbymaster458: OH HELL YEAH! I wanna hear that story, let me go wake up Slash.

*Arby sneaks over with a Chinese gong and a wooden spoon and bangs it close to Slash's ear, and making Slash shoot up and fall down*

slash12: Dang it Arby, you do that again and I will hurt you, I was sleeping for crying out loud!

ArbyMaster458: Well I was wondering if you would like to hear the story of how tets and Patty met.

slash12: Yeah of course I would. 

ArbyMaster458: Then get your butt over here and listen.

slash12: *groan* Fine.

*Slash moves over to hear tets's story*

ArbyMaster458: So how does it go?

tetsigawind: Well one day I signed on to the chat room on AOL and started to look for someone to talk to, maybe be my girlfriend so I started to look for someone and I found

this girl, sori-uchila. She seemed nice and we started talking and she seemed like a good girl and then she started to tell me bout her mom and her family and how every boyfriend

she had has lied or cheated or used her. I felt like there was something that was telling me that she was the one and before she signed off she gave me her cell number.

Reo Speedwagon: Smooth move.

tetsigawind: We texted a lot like, we texted more then we chatted. Sometimes we would get on and chat, we like to chat. One day we took it a step further. We both had Skype

so we both signed on and she looked absolutely beautiful, and she though I looked cute and from then on I stayed with her whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on. I was there

to comfort her and let her cry on me and I'm glad I went on the chat room to talk cause I would be lonely if I didn't and that's how I met Patty.

Arbymaster458: Wow tets, so that's how you and Patty met. It's like God planned all that.

tetsigawind: I thought so too Arby, what do you think Slash?

slash12: Can't believe I'm saying this but, congrats man, I hope you two are happy forever.

tetsigawind: Thanks Slash.

*The 4 hear the door open*

NaruHina2010: We're back everyone!

Elena-hinata: Hey everyone!

nusu-uchida: We're back!

*tets runs up and kisses her on the lips*

nusu-uchida: Looks like someone missed me.

tetsigawind: Yes I did.

ArbyMaster458 and slash12: Hey Everybody.

nusu-uchida: By the way I found this nice purple dress with a white belt and some white gloves on it and white high heels and I got it. Want me to try it on?

tetsigawind Inner Mind: OH Hell Yes please try it on!

tetsigawind: Sure babe.

nusu-uchida: Be right back.

*tets turns his attention to Slash*

tetsigawind: Slash I can tell you are waiting on her to come back so you can stare at her. Arby, tell Slash about the last person that stared at my girlfriend.

Arbymaster458: He kicked his butt.

slash12: Are you sure?

ArbyMaster458: Can a 10 ton bag of flour make a huge biscuit?

slash12: -gulp-

tetsigawind: Relax Slash I won't hurt you.

slash12: That's a relief.

nusu-uchida: -comes out- How do I look tets?

tetsigawind: *blushing* you look great babe.

tetsigawind Inner Mind: Damn She Looks Hot! 

nusu-uchida: Thanks, so what are you all doing?

tetsigawind: I just finished telling the guys how we met.

nusu-uchida: Cool

*Patty kisses him and starts brushing his hair*

tetsigawind: Babe, why are you doing that?

nusu-uchida: Cause I want my tets to look good, perfect.

*Patty kisses him*

*tets blushes and kisses back*

ArbyMaster458: I hope you two are happy forever.

tetsigawind and nusu-uchida: Thanks Arby.

ArbyMaster458: Anytime.
This is the story of how Tets and nusu-uchila met
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June 16, 2010
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